I have seen Pitch Perfect more times than is socially acceptable. The winter it came out in 2012 I watched it on repeat (literally) for a week straight. I would finish the film and start it over from the beginning immediately as I got to the ending credits.

The more I watch the movie, the more I look at Beca and Benji’s platonic relationship. I wish constantly while watching the first two movies that there would be further exploration into this facet of college life.

I have always loved the effortless friendship that blossomed between the two. Beca seemed to be there for Benji when no one else was, almost like an older sister figure. She watched out for him in his a capella pursuits in a way that Jesse didn’t because he was too busy focusing on his own betterment in the Treblemakers.

Benji watched over Beca in a similar way. Like a little brother. He was more subdued in his protection of her. But after the semifinals in the first movie, he was the one who chased after her to check if she was okay. That was when he found the incriminating evidence that allowed the Bellas to attend Nationals.

The pair are happy for one another when they are in a relationship. Benji helps Beca in her pursuit of Jesse. I am sure that the boys would stay up late and talk about girls, and even when Jesse was mad at Beca, Benji must have defended her.

My favorite moment of the second movie is when Benji and Emily had their first kiss. It was almost at the end of the movie, but when Beca stops to look upon the couple approvingly, I feel fuzziness in the pit of my stomach. Beca is so proud of Benji and Emily for taking the next step. Their flirting finally paid off. Beca is like an older sister to both of these people. She wants them to be happy.

In the first movie, I recently caught the look Beca makes when Benji joins the Treblemakers on the Nationals stage. She knew how much Benji wanted to be in the group and he was finally getting his shot. In fact, he was getting his shot with a solo, which rarely happens to newcomers to a performance group.

In the end, I really just wish they had explored this friendship more. Excuse me while I go write a truckload of fanfiction.

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