I was introduced to Natasha Lyonne early in life. Really, I stumbled upon her one late night at my grandparent’s house in the basement when I was looking for a movie to watch. I was a cheerleader for a number of years, so when I saw a film titled But I’m a Cheerleader, I thought, “Wow, this might be a movie like Bring it on.” It wasn’t

But I’m a Cheerleader

This is a wonderful story about a cheerleader in Texas named Megan who just doesn’t have the feelings for her boyfriend that she should, as deemed by society. She has lesbian-iconography pinned around her room. And she clearly loves cheerleading more than she should as a straight girl. So, her parents and her boyfriend come together to have an intervention with Megan so that she can go to a conversion camp to de-gay.

I, at 10-years-old, knew nothing about conversion camps, or even the mechanics of what being gay meant, but I was drawn toward the idea. Looking back on the movie now, as an openly bisexual woman, I think the film is genius. The dialogue is witty. The colors are saturated and denotes a fluffy film with no political connotation. Could that be any more wrong?

Natasha Lyonne as the main character is bubbly, in denial, and all-together loving girl. She, at the end of the day, just wants to be accepted.

American Pie

I own and have watched all four of these films. They are comedy classics. Given, they are a bit vulgar, but they hold up on the comedy. If I am having a truly bad day, I will throw on a marathon and sit and enjoy it.

I feel like I didn’t recognize Natasha Lyonne in these films the first time I watched it, since she looked so different. Now, however, she is one of my favorite characters (besides Stifler’s mom, of course). She always seems to be the guide to Tara Reid’s character. She helps various characters through their love and virginity struggles, as if she has decades of experience, which of course, she doesn’t.

Orange is the New Black

Not a movie, but one of my most favorite TV shows of all time. I can’t really rewatch it, but I can sure binge the seasons as they come out on Netflix. I originally went to watch the show because I knew Natasha Lyonne was on it.

When I watched it, a round season three, I made the realization that this was the third thing I had seen her in where she portrayed a lesbian character. I am so in love with the character of Nicky Nichols that it is crazy. If I could only watch the show through her scenes, I would be set.

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